The Auroras are Australia's national representative dragon boating team, comprising of Australia’s strongest and most dedicated paddlers.  Since their inception in 2010 by AusDBF, they have grown in strength and are now an international force. The ‘Auroras’ is a unique label and joins other national team brands as a powerful sporting identity. Serghei Cucsa is the current head coach for the Australian Dragon Boat Federation and has held this position since 2010.  
In 2010 the Australian Dragon Boat Federation (AusDBF) unveiled the first national team to be open to paddlers from all states and territories, following a move away from the state-based selection system of previous international campaigns.
To mark the occasion, AusDBF asked the Australian paddling community to submit their suggestion for a team name that would become our national crewʼs identity. Among the diamonds in the rough, a small number of names were selected for final consideration before the paddlers selected for the 2010 Asian Championships cast a secret ballot to select the new national team moniker.
ʻThe Aurorasʼ was adopted for our national team, and has been embraced by the Australian Dragon Boat community. It is a unique label, and joins other national team brands like the ʻWallabiesʼ, ʻOpalsʼ, ʻSocceroosʼ and ʻMatildasʼ as a powerful sporting national identity.
To mark the 2011 World Championship campaign, which comprised of paddlers drawn from all eight state and territories for the first time in a bid to represent Australia, AusDBF again turned to the national paddling community to design an emblem for the Auroras.
Many entries were received from around Australia with Nathan Cain from Brisbane River Dragons, Queensland, selected as the winner of the concept design. His design and descriptions of the artworkʼs components provided a particularly Australian and powerful symbol and logo we can proudly wear on the international stage. The triangular base shape portrayed a position of strength and power while a simple colour pallet of Australian earth tones provided high contrast and maximised visual impact. The theme of the Aurora was maintained with the graphic bands of light across the logo.
Since 2011, the subtle inclusion of Indigenous style imagery has continued to be used to help truly identify the Auroras as our national Dragon Boat team.