AUSDBF Members

In Australia dragon boat clubs are all members of a peak body in their own State or Territory, which is the controlling association for their geographic region e.g. dragon boat clubs in the state of NSW are members of DBNSW Inc.

AusDBF is the national peak body for the sport of dragon boat racing in Australia. The members of AusDBF are the State and Territory peak bodies and Dragons Abreast Australia. AusDBF is a member of the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF). The IDBF is the controlling body for the sport on a world wide basis.

Classes of AusDBF Membership

Ordinary Members are organisations which are, actively engaged in the administration, organisation and promotion of dragon boat racing within the Commonwealth of Australia on a regular basis and which also fulfil a role as the state, territory or regional co-ordinating and organising body within their given region.

Associate Members are organisations (including dragon boat clubs and teams from states/regions where their organising/controlling body is not an Ordinary Member of AusDBF) or persons which do not meet the criteria for Ordinary Membership but which still maintain, or desire to maintain, some degree of involvement with dragon boat racing.